The secrets of Dutch cheese blended with the richness of the Colombian Andes. 

Cheesemakery HolaAndes combines the secrets of the artisanal Dutch cheeses, with the natural richness of Monquentiva, a village located in the Colombian Andes mountains. The cheese is produced according to an autentic Dutch family recipe from 1847. On an altitude of +-3000 above sea level, the happy and healthy cows deliver the natural milk for our cheeses.

Combined with the Dutch cheese secrets and the passion of the local farmers, HolaAndes produces natural cheeses with a characteristic Dutch flavour. We guarantee a fair price to the farmers: above all, it is their passion which is in the heart of our cheeses.

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our story

It all started when...

... A young social entrepreneur from Holland, Tobias Rijnsdorp, moved to Colombia to fulfill his dream: Create an artisanal cheesemakery in collaboration with Colombian milk farmers, using traditional recipes from Holland.

Tobias was born in Gouda, a small city famous for the traditional artisanal cheeses. For over five centuries, cheese producers bring their cheeses to the market in Gouda, to sell them in their traditional colorful Dutch clothing. There are many types of Gouda cheeses and today, replicas of the famous Gouda cheese can be found in almost every country in the world.

Tobias was able to work together with COLEGA, a cooperative of small-scale milk farmers in the village of Monquentiva.  COLEGA is renowned in Colombia for their high quality milk, their professional organization, social development programs and their efforts to preserve the nature in the region. 

With the help of a traditional cheesemakery in Holland, COLEGA and Tobias managed to create HolaAndes (Holanda & Andes) and in less than one year, HolaAndes managed to produce cheeses with a real Gouda flavor; creamy, soft and autentic. 

The passion of the farmers of Monquentiva, the natural ingredients of the region and the Dutch knowledge and technology resulted in a unique product in Colombia. The dreams of both Tobias and the farmers of Monquentiva become reality!




20 years ago, there was no electricity and almost no food in the village. Life was tough in the most remoted village of municipity Guatavita. Since the founding of the milk cooperative COLEGA, the farmers were able to escape poverty. The cheese production and commercialization is the next step of rural development in the area, which was affected heavily by the FARC guerrilla until 12 years ago. Nowadays youngsters are hopeful and likely to stay in the village.

In the documentary, made in 2012, the farmers talk about the huge positive change in the valley. Soon we will introduce the farmers to you personally.

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